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This morning I was picking up the kitchen and noticed H. had placed her blankets and favorite animal on the counter before she ran out the door to play with the neighbor kids. Seeing them lay there like forgotten toys made me feel slightly sad at how fast my girls are growing up. H. starts kindergarten in two weeks and R. will be in the 2nd grade already. Where did the last few years of my life go? I’m going to be old before old with a wink of an eye.;-)

This summer has been the first summer since 1998 I haven’t have to work on the weekends, I can’t even tell you how nice it has been. Chris and I both agree, having the weekends to get up and go do whatever has been a blessing. Our neighbors don’t see us much, but the neighborhood stays quiet then.:)Using the last few weeks of summer to enjoy with my girls. I hope you all are doing the same!

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