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Out with the old, in with the NEW

This afternoon I finally transferred my hosting domain and semi-finished my new blog look. Some of you, if you’ve been following, know my blog crashed last summer and hasn’t been the same since. I was afraid to touch it because I was so ticked off at the situation of the how and why it crashed. Well, most people who know me, know I’m pretty hands on (some call it cheap, but whatever…;) ). My last blog template left me unable to change a lot or even update/delete images. IT WAS A MESS!!!

Now as I sit in my massage chair, I can breathe a slight sigh of relief. I still have a mess…spent 1.5hr on the phone with a wonderful man at Bluehost who attempted to help transfer my old post and make sure their site was capable of supporting my website templates, but at this point I don’t care I need the new blog. I loved bludomain and their templates are wonderful, but my cpanel is such a mess I feel like it’s a sinking ship. My old customized designed blog screwed everything up, and now it’s time to let it go. Yep, flushed that $$$$ down the drain. Live and learn.

What I am excited about, is where I want to take this new blog. There are a lot of photographers who use their business blog strictly for that…promoting, clients, sales, etc. This site is going to be more of an all encompssing expression of me and my artistic side. Many days I want to sit and write, create, photograph, whatever…but have no real place to display my mini masterpieces, haha. For example, a few weeks ago when I was started to redesign this blog I wanted to created a stop motion video header. It took a few weeks to find what I wanted to use, test, shoot, edit, try to convert the files etc…as you can see it’s not the header I imagined but it is complete.

[Hopefully, that shows up! I’m writing this post from my iPHONE! YAY!! I should work for apple, I love there products so much.]

So the video, was made up of many many individual images pieced together to create a video. I wanted it to represent life, a photo is only 1/60 at the most. While we cherish the memory of a photo, we have to remember the moments surrounding that one photo, make those moments the best life we can live and capture those.

I know as well as the next, life is NOT perfect, that’s ok. Those imperfect moments need to be remembered as much as the happy. Hearing someone talk in a monotone voice all the time causes one to become bored and fall asleep….having one feeling is sort of the same. IMO, like should be full of peaks and valleys. (You’ll be reading those moments from me.)

Enough for tonight. I hope you like the new look, I’m still adding and tweaking but I’m gonna be here more!!


Let YOUR light shine,


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