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Apple of {my} Eye

There was a plan to write about picking apples before the day started, which we did do, but after seeing these photos it’s going to be about picking friends. Actually, the best friends aren’t those we point out and say “that’s who I want to be friends with!!” The best friends are those which we stumble upon, those we find we can be completely at ease with and allow the other person to be who they are.

Looking at the above photo, I get teary eyed. J.’s mom and I comment at how the two girls are like sisters. J. is an only girl with 3 brothers, so in some way maybe she does think of H. like a sister, either way they have fun together. They are argue, bicker and pout while playing but in the end they remain friends. When they laugh together, they laugh. I love seeing my girls find friends who they like because of who they are and vice versa. There isn’t a competition on who is better, fast, smarter etc. It’s “OMG, H. your outfit is so pretty!” or “J. that picture you colored is sooooo cute!” Sure there has to be discussions on sharing, being nice, and letting someone play with another friend but that’s something even some adults have trouble with understanding. H. and J. met when they were “free” starting preschool, they seemed to gravitate towards other. Each girl so very different, yet similiar. Let me say this though, both are VERY SILLY!!! I can see them doing a comedy act/sitcom together when they are older. Though H. explained a few days ago she didn’t want to be on TV, she wanted to do behind the camera stuff…. “i’d be to embarrassed to be on TV.” 🙂 These two are completely at ease with who they are as individuals and each other.  I can sit here and laugh at the conversations they’ve had amongst themselves and with me. For example, J. was over for a playdate earlier this year, as they sat down to the kitchen table to wait for lunch to be served they started goofing off at the table. My back was turned to them at the time, yet like all mothers, I could here what they were doing. Without turning to face them, I asked them to stop doing whatever it was they happened to be doing at the time. They continued on until finally, one of the two asked

girls: “how can you see us?”

me: “I’m a mom, didn’t you know mom’s have eyes in the back of their heads?”

girls: *stare*

me: “how else do you think I knew what you were doing?”

girls: “No you don’t!!”

me: “yes we do, J. ask your mom if she has eyes in the back of her head when you get home.” *smirks*

girls: *stare*

Then a few weeks later, H. started rubbing the back of my head looking for eyes. A few months later, again,  she made a comment about having eyes in the back of my head as she playing around on the dock at the lake house this  past summer. AND finally, yesterday she asked me if I really had eyes in the back of my head. I told her, “no, but I can hear what you are doing and figure out from there what’s going one.” H. gave no comment back. LOL!!! That was just one example of the crazy things they say. {i think I told that story before but because it’s a joke that keeps on going I find it hilarious.}

As I get older, I have come to appreciate in myself,  I am a private person. I’m not someone who tries to be best friends with everyone. Sure I try to be friendly and nice to everyone, but those who I consider close friends understand me. It’s not because I see them everyday, or even talk to them everyday, it’s knowing they know who I am on the inside and out. They take me for me and hopefully 😉 know I like them for who they are. That’s what friends should be, that’s what I pray my girls find in their friends.

Let YOUR light shine,


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