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Stillness of the night

The summer flashed by, it’s hard to remember everything we did. Seems like we were gone more than we were home….Not that I’m complaining by any means. This was the first summer in many moons we have been able to pick up and go away for the weekend, not worrying about having to work or dog. One would image I would have had more time to take photos, but I didn’t. I tried to enjoy where I was, when I was there. Ended up taking lots of snap shot photos on my phone because the big camera can mean more work than I had time to give.

Now school has started, H. started afternoon kindergarten which leaves me with a few hours to get what I need to get done accomplished. If you asked what the goals are during those few hours, I would respond with sleep. I AM BEAT! 🙂 Conversations in my head go something like this:

mom me: hurry and get the clothes folded, grass cut, grocery shopping done…

fun me: have a whole disc of images to be edited? Or tune your guitar…it sounds like crap.

mom me: shoot those will have to wait until tonight after the kids go to bed.

fun me: whatever, you’ll be sound asleep before the kids go to bed.

mom me: touche

If your a mom, you know what I’m talking about. LOL! So I am hoping that a nice routine is established and I get all the things on my list marked off before I head out the door again for a vacation road trip this month. BUSY BUSY! 🙂

ps. after proof reading this post, I realized I really didn’t say anything. All I did was ramble and put a bunch of words together which seemed to sound ok…but they weren’t really telling of anything besides the fact I’m tired. haha 😉

Let YOUR light shine,


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