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It’s been such a long time since I sat down at my computer. These days, I feel like asking what is a computer…you still have one of those? iPhones, android, blackberry…smartphones. I love my iphone, but it doesn’t make me feel any smarter. Honestly, I feel dumb because I am so addicted to it and all the wonderful apps i have on it.

One app I had was the wordpress app. Loved it. Last weekend, I was up at 3:30a for no good reason. On my iphone I read a little, played a little (love words with friends), and wrote a blog post using wordpress… only to press PUBLISH and find out the app wasn’t working!! WHAT!! How could my smart phone fail me. I was crushed. lol. end of story.

Wait…you were expecting this big long theoretical post about smart phones? Well I’m sure if you use the ever popular Google you could find many sites talking about smart phones, just not here. Really this was a random post because I had time to kill. My hope was if I started writing something the creative juices would fill my brain I wouldn’t be able to stop typing. wrong again.

Actually, I did take a photo using my polaroid and I am waiting for the film to develop…exciting I know. 🙂

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