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Breakfast in Bed

When we stay at a hotel the girls always ask to get room service so they can have breakfast in bed, my reply to them “it’s too expensive and it’ll take to long.” Yesterday I made scones for breakfast, the girls ran hot coffee and warm scones to C. because he was still in bed, well that nice gesture sparked their little minds into asking for their own chance to have breakfast in bed. I told both girls if they STAYED in bed until after breakfast was made I would serve them in bed on Sunday, today is Sunday.

I didn’t really think they would stay in bed long enough for me to have to get up, make, and serve them breakfast so I agreed. WELL! C. kept them up late last night so my chances of getting out of the deal dwindled by the minute.

The clock chimed 7 times this morning, which is usually when the girls come running into our bedroom and jump on the bed…silence. I even heard R’s alarm clock going off…silence. So after laying in bed surfing the world wide web for obscure information that will not help me in life in anyway what so ever, except now Google suddenly thinks I was trying to spam their server and blocked my IP address for a while. 😐 (I was just looking at photos for heavens sake, not like I was trying to plan world domination…) anyway. I got up and headed downstairs to cook a fabulous meal, in my fabulous remodeled kitchen ;).

I stood at the kitchen island debating on what to make, something super easy was the theme. The girls love pancakes, they ask for them everyday and when all else fails to fill their tummies, pancakes do the trick. Last night C. mentioned we don’t have pancake mix, I pondering making them from scratch but thought “to much work right now.” Then just to make sure C. was telling the truth I looked through the cabinets, nada.  As I hung my head low, haha, trying to think of something I noticed bread on the counter tops I knew needed to be eaten, so French Toast it was.

As the aroma of melted butter and French toast filled the kitchen, I noticed I was still alone, no kids running downstairs asking what’s for breakfast? They must be tired. So breakfast is made, i grab a plate of warm french toast with syrup and chocolate milk then head to R.’s room first. When I open the door, she’s laying in bed reading a book, patiently waiting for the princesses breakfast to be served!! Little stinker! Finally, H. comes to the kitchen as I’m making more toast and asks “can I have my breakfast in your bed?”  Sure why not!!

Little do they know, nothing comes without returning the favor 😉 we have to get our Christmas card photo done today. LOL! So there may be a silver lining in this story after all. 😉

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