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Slumber Party

Tonight we dropped R. off at a friends house for her first slumber party. Any time my girls do something for the first time, or I have time to think about what’s happening I remember my childhood moments. I try to make these experiences as positive for them as I possibly can, because I want them to make good memories.

BUT…kids are kids and we can’t control how the behave or what they do. I remember on a slumber party I attended were we slept in the basement (creepy to begin with), a house I had never been in before (scared outta my pants), the girls told scary stories (traumatized me), then made fun of me because I wanted a little light on in the room (humiliated). Now I can’t image any of the girls who are attending the party to be mean, they all get along and play together, but the thought sent flashbacks into my mind. Honestly, it’ll probably be R. telling the scary stories because she loves scary things. Definitely, didn’t get that gene from me!

I do hope she has fun, that tonight there will be zero phone calls saying come and get me… I already told her “if u wanna come home have mrs. K call me…dad will come get you.” 😉 and I hope she comes home tomorrow saying she had the best time and wants to do it again. Bring a parent is hard, we know what it’s like in the world…but sometimes I think being a kids can be worse because they don’t.

9:25 pm update:

Chris is picking her up as I type. I wanted R. to have so much fun she’d actually stay the night, so she knew she could do it. R. tries to be so strong, to want to be older than the 7 years she really is…I love her… she’s a home body like her mother.

The truth is, I was missing her not be here tonight… so in some selfish way I glad she’ll be sleeping soundly in our, I mean, her bed tonight. 🙂

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  • elizabeth pellette - November 9, 2010 - 4:23 pm

    I am glad she has such great parents that let her know its ok to try new things and still be there for her when she feeling like she just needs to be home. Its hard to let them grow up.. I hate every moment of it.ReplyCancel

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