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Concept of Money

This morning, while playing around with “something” I decided to try to introduce the concept of  “money” to H.  She understands money grows on trees and if you bat your eyelashes enough at your dad there is an endless supply of money. 🙂 One of out piggy banks was full and I made her count out all the pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters…place then into piles and then glazed over look appeared. I even took a quarter and placed 25 pennies in front on it…same with the rest of the change. H. took them in her hands to compare weights and decided pretending sticking her hands in her pants as an alternative to pockets was much more interesting. I couldn’t be a teacher.

In this morning’s lesson, I didn’t expect H. to grasp the concept of money. Most adults don’t grasp the concept yet, look at our economy, but it never hurts to try and start teaching early. Hopefully, ONE DAY it will suddenly make “cents” to her.

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