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It’s close to being “THAT” time of year. The time we spend growing ambitious ideas in our head for the new year… Resolutions. 2010 was a year of self growth for me personally. I felt like with the chaos of having children, a business, and a husband who worked a lot I wasn’t enjoying life. Most of last year was trial and error to be honest; I tried new things and made some errors.

What I really found out was I enjoy doing photo project with a purpose. So for 2011, my goal is to grow to be more of a philanthropic business and person. Last year I fell in love with charity:water and organizations. Trying to provide clean water and sanitation to everyone is so important, think about the health concerns and personal safety some people face just to have water or go to the bathroom. It’s a basic need we tend to take for granted.

Project 1: creating a calendar and/or stationary to sell to benefit water charities.

My next goal for 2011 is to celebrate those who have done the impossible, inspired by the impossible film project. Hopefully, I will have people nominate friends, family, strangers in their community who have overcome the odds to make a change in the world. This is a project I’m am open to travel with, not that I don’t appreciate those in my own area but I don’t want to set limits on my own idea.

Project 2: believe in the impossible…. nominate someone who you feel is doing the “impossible” and they may be choosing for their very own photo session with me. I want to be able to have that person look at themselves the same way everyone does. (those chosen will be done so by me, and done so because I feel they deserve a personal photo session.)

I also have a third and fourth project in my head but those depend on if I am able to upgrade my camera to include video. 😉

As well as the projects I have planned, I will hopefully be shooting many newborn sessions. If your expecting a new family member contact me to set a tentative date for a photo session.

Have a Wonderful remaining 2010 year and Best Wished in 2011!

Let YOUR light shine,


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