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With the start of a new year, everyone has big hopes and dreams of what the new year will bring. (I blew one of those dreams, increasing the number of my workouts already, good thing I didn’t buy a gym membership.) 😉 We look for new ways to inspire and be inspired…. I am no different than anyone else.

2010 I took a “break” from taking personal pictures. It wasn’t something I planned to do, I had decided I wanted to be more an active participant of the moment. I found if I was always taking photos, it was hard to be apart of the activities so I would leave my camera at home opting to use the iPhone when needed. If I get my big camera out it means post processing… which leads to wanting a perfect picture, time spent trying to get the perfect picture, not getting what’s envisioned in my head… which in turns leads me to frustration. When using my iPhone and SX-70 land camera it’s “you get what you
get and don’t throw a fit.”

2011 is here and one of my goals is to take a photo a day/using my polaroid cameras. Polaroids offer a unique challenge in that there isn’t an opportunity to adjust minor
exposure issues, crop differently, etc etc. Once the shutter button is pressed it’s done. Press and Pray what you hope is capture actually develops on the film. Instant gratification. I’m still going to be taking other photos with my vast array of cameras, and posting but I will try to my best ability to post a weeks worth of
images here Sundays.

I would be lying if I said this task doesn’t scare me. The fact that I put it in writing makes me feel like now if I don’t accomplish the “365 project” I’m a failure. Attempting to take a picture a day using Polaroid film scares me 1. The cost and 2. It’s the complete opposite of what most people I know are shooting. Thoughts run through my mind “what if no one likes my photos?” “will people think I’m stupid for shooting polaroids?” “are my family and friends judging me?” the list goes on and on. Then I came to the conclusion… I don’t care. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, my heart is telling me to shoot instant film; it makes me happy. The past few years I having been trying to figure out how to enjoy life more, 2011 will be about doing what I enjoy more! 🙂

(I have a few polaroid cameras I will be using but unless specified I use Impossible Project Film. )

Let YOUR light shine,


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