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Happy Birthday to my little girl. I could sit here and write about all the wonderful things she brings to our family but the three photos above pretty much sum it up.

H. has a shy side, most people would laugh when I say this because you aren’t afraid to say what’s on your mind. Then there’s the princess we all love. I’m excited to see what she do as she grows up, her fashion sense is wonderful!! She knows what she likes and can put outfits together which to most seem like they wouldn’t work but some how they are adorable. Finally, H. is independent. She is a girl who knows exactly what she wants and there is no changing her mind. I love all these qualities.

In honor of H.’s birthday I have been dying to make a rainbow cake, so I did. i used the recipes on Whisk Kid. I’m not sure how the cake is going to taste, but the frosting is TO DIE FOR!!! Who needs cake with the frosting. 😉 Here’s the ingredients:

sifting dry ingredients:

creaming the sugar and butter. have everything at room temperature to make it easier:

after mixing all ingredients:

to make the color layers. measure the total batter then divide into six equal amounts (seperates bowls):

ask a friend to borrow extra 9 inch cake pans to make the process easier:

make the frosting, layer the cakes and crumb coat the cake. i put the cake at this point in the refrigerator overnight to set:

finally the end result:

H. and her bestest J. getting ready to eat the frosting:

Let YOUR light shine,


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