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This afternoon the temperatures finally rose above 40 degree F outside, combined with sunshine and it equaled windows open and playing outside.

The only snow left is the heaps at the edge of the drive. What I love it for it to melt fast and see the stream of water flow down the side of the road. It seems the past few years the Spring warm up is earlier and thus allowing for more water running through the street. This year it’s been gradual, so it’s a trickle.

Notice the boots….I love buying rain boots for the girls. Colorful and fun! On rainy days the girls and I go for walks looking for puddles to walk through. So practical too… mud washes easily off them. 🙂

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather!!


{Images shot on The IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT PX70 PUSH film in a Polaroid SX70. Scanned 30min after delevopment. Outside Temp 55F, shielded warmed in cold clip and then heated over high heat….Not used to shooting this film outside so should’ve just let develop like I normally do instead of trying to compensate for the temperature difference.}

Let YOUR light shine,


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