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The Refusal

Someone stayed home from school sick, with a cold, this afternoon. All morning she sniffled and complained of a sore throat. 🙁  She is the child who asks for medicine, even when she doesn’t need it. No matter how disgusting the taste may be her response “mmm, that was good” then walks away with her head held high. WELL… when I told her we were going to try a tiny pink pill, Benadryl, she’d have to swallow (not chew or liquid) you would have thought I was trying to poison her. The tears flowed because the medicine “taste horrible!” Cracked me up.

Of course, moments like these never go without a picture or video, when I’m around. Yep, I want to be able to show their children someday what pains in the butt they could be at times. LOL! Off I went, grabbed the SX-70 fully loaded with a new PX680 from The Impossible Project and took this of H. After a few attempted to swallow the pill, even with yogurt, I let her chew it up and she was happy.


A note about the new film:

The Impossible Project PX680

I love this film. I was fortunate to be able to be a tester for this film. It’s crisp with good contrast and slight cross process feel, which I love! The white specks are on the the test film and less prominent on the newer release. I used the film in a Polaroid SX-70 with a ND filter, but you can also use the film in any camera which uses 600 speed film no ND filter necessary.

If you have a Polaroid camera at home thinking you have no use for it anymore…. buy this film!! It’s less sensitive to light than the PX70 PUSH (which i love too) or PX100 BW films. Also check out the groups on flickr for more The Impossible Project images: main group , PX680 group plus many more.


Let YOUR light shine,


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