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April Fools

Thought I forgot again….haha I had you all fooled. 😉

Can you believe it’s April already!?!?!?!

Wanted to point out the new film I used this past week, PX680 from the Impossible Project. I was fortunate enough to be a tester for the film, then was able to get my hands on the film the day it was released. It’s wonderful!!

As you can see the colors are more yellow than the PX70 PUSH but I feel it adds to the more realistic retro feel we all loved in the older Polaroid film. The image is crisp and less tricky to use than the other TIP films. Yes, there are some white specks throughout the image but not so much that the image is “ruined”. Personally, I look forward to shooting more with this film and can’t wait to see what TIP comes up with next.

Let YOUR light shine,


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