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As a parent, I understand the desire to want to be able to give a child the best of anything. We want them to have the best education, health care, friends, clothes, toys, and life. Along the way, it seems the definition of “best” gets lost in translation.

Yesterday, I purchased the “vintage” typewriter from a local store. Both girls were dying to be able to play with it, explore what and how it works. A typewriter. It almost feels like buying a gift and the child likes the large box it came in better. 🙂

It makes me happy to see the kids want to know what a typewriter is, how it works etc. So much of what we use today is based off such inventions. To have up today technology is wonderful, I’m the first to want the latest and greatest, but I also like the hardiness of well built machines. How many of today’s products will be of use in 10, 20, 30 years from now. When we rely on technology all of the software will be obsolete in 2 years, but the old manual items…timeless.

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