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1st communion

Reese celebrated her 1st communion this morning which I felt was very appropriate she participate in a holy sacrament on this day, you know, considering today is the end of the life as some chosen people know it on Earth. 😉 (I’m seriously trying to type as fast as I can to be able to post this prior the 6pm judgement moment.) The communion ceremony was beautiful and hopefully she will feel closer to God to help guide her in life.

We also decided to celebrate her birthday with family, since they were already at our home. One last hooray to stuff ourselves on all the things we shouldn’t eat or drink, you know because of the end of the world thing. It’s always nice having family around, though chaotic, these are moments my girls talk about all year. They can’t remember when I ask them to put their shoes and backpacks away, yet they will give in detail every aspect of who wore what, what was served, and everything they did with their cousins. Amazes me.


I have to mention…the above cake was the easy and fastest cake to make and decorate, reese’s pieces for Reese. It also packs a wow factor that makes people say, “these kids will never know what an ordinary birthday cake is.” There is no cake left over. enough said.

I couldn’t resist adding polaroids. 🙂 Overall the day was perfect, filled with wonderful family and beautiful warm weather.



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