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Green Belts

This past Saturday the girls tested for their green belts, we couldn’t be more proud of them! For those who know the girls something like doing Tae Kwon Do is not really their personality. The oldest, R. (front row wearing green belt holding yellow belt), is a people pleaser, gentle, and non confrontational. The youngest, H. (front row wearing green belt), is a rule follower, funny, but very shy.

Part of earning the green belt they had to write an essay on why they want to participate in TKD and what it has taught them. H. had me write “At first I didn’t want to take TKD because I was afraid of the big kids…my mom made me…. I’m not afraid of the big kids anymore. I learned to get back up when I fall.” Such a big accomplishment, to see the panic on her face the first time she sparred was heartbreaking. Slowly but surely though, she stands across from any person and gives her best. That’s all we can ask of them. R. surprising enjoys trying to kick the crap out of other people. Once she realizes her own strength I’m not going to have to worry about her defending herself. 😉

For time constraints, non contact sparring was done. H. is super aggressive with the non contact sparring, it’s comical.



Every belt has a new form(series of moves) they have to learn.


They have to answer questions. (All the parents sit behind the judges and stare at the kids. Can you image having to take a test like with people staring at you waiting for an answer?)

Breaking boards. They were so proud of themselves, talk about a confidence booster!

(i’m bummed the focus was off on some of these, had split seconds to change the settings between girls)

When/if they meet all the requirements they graduate to the next rank. Next is a green belt with blue stripe, then they get to attend the advanced class with higher ranks.


I can’t say enough about how wonderful TKD has been for the girls. Master Gale and Master Panizzo are WONDERFUL, PATIENT, and FUN with the kids. They remember in this group they are still kids and really try to empower each child to have confidence in their own abilities. Check their site out Midwest Tae Kwon Do. Master Panizzo also has a Women’s/Girls Self Defense Class (Fighting Spirit) which I participated in this past April… unbelievably wonderful and empowering. TAKE IT!!


Let YOUR light shine,


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