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Happy Mother’s Day

(I love seeing the pride on my girls faces when they present me with gifts they made themselves.)

When others ask what I DO my answer is a mix of *stare* ahhh’s, thoughts of do you really want me to list everything? 😉 The first and most important thing I do is be a MOTHER.

When my maternity leave was ending with R. I knew I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t leave my baby. Thoughts of life as a child flooded my mind; having my mom home with us, my emotion, it’s what I wanted my kids to have growing up. I wanted to be the person who taught them what was right or wrong, give them hugs, say it’ll be ok, I wanted to see them talk their first step etc etc…

Fast forward almost 8 years… I love my girls more than anything in this entire world. I feel the heartbreak and love my own parents felt, avoided, and I’m sure still struggle with today. Along the way though it seems like I forgot how to be me, Kim. My life was caught up in being mom, who was I?

Slowly, I’m finding that person again. I’m being a mom yet I am also doing more things for me. A few have told me it’s being selfish but know what…selfish is when I allow my life to be taken over by my kids. Having two girls I’m trying to help them grow to be confident strong woman, how can I teach them to be strong if I am not an example? If is sit back, do nothing but cater to the girls, maybe they will look back at their life and see all the things I did wrong then say “I don’t want to be like my mom.” I don’t ever want to see that happen.

So in celebration of being a mom, celebrate you as a woman, you as a mother who teaches by example, for both boys and girls. What are some easy ways to be you and an example?

•read the book you’ve been wanting to read.

•make time in the day for you. Enjoy 15, 20 minutes having a NICE cup of tea in a peace spot. exercise, paint, draw etc. (I know this is difficult, I have a husband who works a lot and no family to help babysit just because.)

•stop buying clothes, toys, etc for your child and buy something nice for yourself. You know your child doesn’t need any more than what they have.

•have a ladies night out, girls weekend (do something where it’s about you as a person and don’t talk about the kids).

•take a vacation with just you and a significant other. (OMG did this last year and it was the nicest thing.)

•find a friend who you can talk to. Someone who helps you grow mentally and emotionally. Maybe it your next door neighbor, a sister, new or old friend. Mine is a friend I found on the Internet, surprisingly. There isn’t anything we don’t talk about, we can talk for hours and never not have something to say. We don’t agree on everything yet that is what makes is wonderful. It’s a friendship based off of mutual trust and respect.

•make your never ending bucket list and start doing going!

Let YOUR light shine,


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