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Instant Vacation

Over spring break we surprised the girls with an instant, they found out 2 days prior to leaving, vacation to Disney World. It’s was harder than I thought keeping it from them. I slipped a few times but lucky, the quick witty thinker I am was able to save the surprise!

In the planning, I had decided to ditch the super heavy dSLR for shooting with instant film. The Polaroid SX70 was super light and compact, my shoulder loved it. I also brought the Diana, which is also lightweight, and left it in the hotel most of the time because I didn’t have a lot of film. Actually, half the film ended up in the recycle bin because I have a hard time with getting the exposure correct. So here are additional images to what’s already been posted of the vacation.

By the end of the week, we were all dizzy and ready to go home…Oh wait that was just me and Chris who were tired. Per the girls, they want to live in Disney World (where they seem to think the WORLD actually means Disney is it’s own country.)

Film used:

  • The Impossible Project- PX600UV+, PX70 Push, PX680 beta
  • Fujifilm INSTAX MINI


  • Polaroid SX70
  • Diana F+
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