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I have been discovering a lot of wonderful new blogs, all topics, through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. So I was thinking what are your favorite blogs? Here are a few of mine:

These are just a few of my favorites, the list could go on and on. In my opinion, above are people who stray away from the normal all business/client blogs. I love those who add humor and honesty to their blogs. Some people have a business blog and then a private blog where they post more personal information about family etc. but why? We are people, we have feelings, opinions and experiences why not share them with potential clients/readers? It’s who we are which forms the way we see through the lens. It’s the honestly we share which allows our readers to understand the variety of topics posted ;).

As a photographer, we ask our clients to open themselves up so we can capture them in a photo, yet fail to allow ourselves to be just as open. Maybe the fear of a client not liking how we spent the weekend, not liking our humor, or find the things we find fascinating fascinating stops one from sharing to much. I say don’t worry about those who won’t like who you are and focus on attracting those who will hire you for who you are (and the quality of work of course.) Above are blogs which make me think in someway or another, they are blogs which help me grow as a person. Check them out.


I’d love to see what you call favorites. Leave a list in the comment section, if you can’t link them there I will do my best to post them on this post. Leave the url.

Let YOUR light shine,


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