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My first roll of film was developed this past week. OH the anticipation of waiting to get it back in the mail, how those days seem so distant. I had never shot film in manual mode before, it’s always been 35mm in a point and shot camera. I prayed just one image would turn out. Using the instant film backs my exposure was off, the focus not correct, or  I forgot to take the dark slide out before pressing the shutter button. So when I opened the mail this afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised at how the images turned out. Either I did a decent job or the printers, , did a fantastic job at compensating for my inadequacies. 😉

Don’t laugh at the images, I was just testing the camera for focus, not trying to capture master pieces.

I didn’t realize BW film was in the camera until after the roll was completely shot or I may have taken different images. I love the grass photos though, the tonal range is perfect. Now film in my hand makes me smile. I love digital for the instant gratification and ease, but with film it’s a true labor of love. Lots of photographers, including myself, have discussed how shooting with film makes a person have to think more about what it is they are going to capture. Everything needs to be taken in to account, prior to clicking the shutter button. The photographer has to actively be involved in the art of taking a photograph (at least using the medium format Mamiya where everything is 100% manual) not passively shoot away hoping one of the 10 they just took was good enough to keep. If you’ve never used film or don’t have a film camera, try this exercise to help slow down the process:

  1. Take the auto, aperture, shutter mode off and shoot 100% manual mode.
  2. Pretend you have film in the camera limit your session to a total of 36 frames then stop.
  3. Try to picture what you want the image to look like before you take the photo.
  4. Resist thinking about Photoshop. While it’s o.k to post process try to get something that looks great with out it.
  5. Shoot something you wouldn’t normally. If you normally capture landscapes, try photographing people, trying shoot architecture, macro images, what ever you wish but remember to have fun!!

Don’t forget, I’m trying to give away a Polaroid camera and pack of Impossible Film. It’s a great way to give film a try!


Let YOUR light shine,


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