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This morning I thought I would share some of my favorite instant film images from ‘roid week on Flickr with you all. I love how the images are so expressive and inherently natural.


LOVE how the photographers embraced light to create a sense of romance: My creation

1. rommel© 2. Caitlin Gibson 3. Lizzie Staley 4. rob.spicer


Love the Blue tones with splashes of color:

My creation

1. Rhiannon Adam 2. feedmyhungryeye 3. zazazed 4. maplesyruponly


Love the mood.

My creation

1. amamason 2. Citrushearts 3. Pasacallia 4. oknoahok


Love the playfulness:

My creation

1. Susannah Conway 2. rachel j. 3. Leilaleilaleila 4. susan . {en point}

Let YOUR light shine,


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