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Impossible Project PX680 on SX-70 before walking out the door to go to the airport.

We all dream of someone who truly understands who we are inside and out. This person loves of for all the imperfection we exhibit on a daily basis, they strengthen our soul thru encouragement and make us laugh with a simple look. My friend Gaby is this person for me. (sorry Chris) 😉

I recently traveled to Florida to visit her and her family. Anyone who has four kids, knows how much work it is to get out the door to go anywhere…do it as a single mother. I can barely handle two, lol! To my lovely friend, you inspire me in so many ways!! It was a pleasure to finally meet your beautiful little one’s.

We snapped a bunch of photos one morning, little C. was so into the pictures. When I showed them all the images on the camera C. would yell “dat ME!” ADORABLE!!!

I love this photo.

Little man’s face…PRICELESS! He’s surrounded by girls most of the time yet is 100% boy!

Let YOUR light shine,


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