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Hot and cold


I was playing around yesterday and this morning, trying to get a photo for The Impossible Project 1 st Contest. This was my “the Dinosaurs were here 1st” idea. What I unraveled was how the environment effects images taken in almost the exact same spot but on different days, different temps, different humidity and different light (though both were in the shade).

The image on the Left was taken 8.18.2011 in the middle of the afternoon. It was muggy having just rained, sunny, and temps in the mid 80’s. During development, I kept the image in the cold clip on a granite counter top. The image on the right was taken this am, then scanned withing an hour after developing. The temp was cool mid 70’s, low humidity, morning sun, and I did try keeping the film warm during development under my arm in a cold clip. The difference in the images is obvious, but I like them both for different reasons.

I love the warm glow the right image has, in what seems to be over exposure. Over exposing images is something I’ve noticed and tried to be careful about when taking pictures in the warmer temperatures. It’s nice to see how the elements effect the way the photos develop to help with planning for the colder winter months. I’ll know to really warm the images when the cold sets in to get the warmer colors and to keep it cooler for more cooler tones.

This may bother some people, to have to think about how the environment effects the end result, but I embrace the challenge. When I use my digital SLR I think about light, my setting to try and achieve a desired outcome but don’t worry about temperature etc. Many people think shooting instant film is a mindless process because there isn’t any Photoshop involved; maybe in a lot of ways there is.  The entire process starts in your head, then composition, settings, how are you going to develop the TIP film (warm it up or keep it cool), and then how to store it post development. The great and sometimes not so great thing, is no to images will every be the same; each image is a work all it’s own. Many times I look at an image and know right away who took the photo based on style, that’s for digital and instant film. It’s how each photographer thinks about the process which makes them and their images unique.

Embrace the process whether in Photoshop,  instant film, or your cell phones.

Let YOUR light shine,


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