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Monday Night Boredom

I saw this idea on Pinterest, originally blogged by “whatever Dee-Dee wants”. Last week I created my jar and waited for the right time to start using it. *insert evil laugh* Well, the girls walked in the house tonight complaining they didn’t know what to do…..guess what. NOW, I have a jar full of wonderful idea’s for them. I believe kids should learn to use their own imaginations, so in my house you will not find a jar full of fun exciting activities for them to live out. Nope in my house you’ll get to do chores if you come to me saying you’re bored.

The girls willingly pulled sticks out tonight, they also seemed excited to get to actually DO the chores…win win for everyone I guess. Looks like I am going to have the cleanest and happiest kids on the block. Sheesh, maybe even I will start to say I’m bored because they’ll have already done all my chores. *insert evil laugh, again*

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