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Lately, I find myself wanting to sit down and write; write all the thoughts floating around in my mind. Summer has been a whirlwind of run here run there making it hard to find moments where I cans get lost in deep thought without being interrupted. Sure I have app’s on my iPhone I will use to sometimes write a quick saying, I also have a small Moleskine to record thoughts too, but those thoughts are scattered. Chicken scratch.

Wouldn’t it be nice to site for hours to write in a journal, start a creative writing project, or simple doodle the scattered ideas in your mind. (I wish I could draw because that too would be high on my list to do.) I don’t know, there is something so wonderful in seeing the written word on paper. It’s like having a picture printed on a piece of paper. The thought becomes tangible, at least to me it does. I like to feel the paper. Is it smooth, slightly rough, aged, lined, etc… all those qualities help bring the words to life in my opinion. What kind of instrument was used to write; pen, pencil, an old typewriter “typer” (as H. calls it) or printed by a printer?  Sure writing on a computer is eco-friendly, it’s easy to share with other’s through blogs, social networks or email, but it lacks a certain personal touch. Maybe that’s the hidden meaning, maybe I want everything to become more personal again? ….here is where more over analyzing starts to come into play so I need to stop and enjoy that I had these few moments to write. ;).

What do you prefer, writing on computers or in journal? When making grocery or to do list, how do you record those items?


Let YOUR light shine,


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