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The above image is from our vacation last week to San Francisco. Walking around town at sunset was beautiful, the way the light would shine over the hills, stunning. Throughout the vacation I shot with sx-70 with Impossible Project film (photo Px680), iPhone, and a Nikon FG with 35mm film.

More and more people shoot with digital camera because that is where technology is heading. Digital provides instant feedback, allowing for us to capture many versions of the same scene within a few seconds. I love digital. I also love shooting with film, though I did find myself looking at my film camera wanting to see a digital preview picture during the trip. The mystery of “did I get the shoot.” intrigued me with every click of the shutter.

Then there was the moment I cursed using film on this vacation. See, we spent a day in San Francisco walking around, then drove to Sonoma for a few days. Along the way we stopped in Muir Woods, to walk amounts the Redwood trees, then headed to Pt Reyes taking pictures the entire time. I tried to capture the same scene on 35mm film, instant film, and my iPhone; I wanted to compare the difference. WELL, imagine my frustration when I went to rewind the 35mm film and nothing happened. Long story short, the film didn’t advance because of the way I loaded it. Memories missed. Then, once I was able to get it to advance correctly, I over advanced the film and for some reason it wasn’t attach to the inside of the film canister. Yes, the entire roll of film was exposed to the one side of the camera with no way to rewind it back into the light protected canister. Memories wasted. I had to exposed the entire roll of film to light so I could get it out and place a new roll in the camera. Talk about frustrating!!!

Those who shoot digital are probably thinking “exactly why I don’t shoot film anymore!” Once I got over the the 1st roll of film moment I focused on why I was shooting film… the gentle graininess and excitement of the “hunt” for the perfect picture. I’ve been shooting Digital for almost 5years and instant film for just about 1 year. Film has taught me to slow down and really think about my settings and composure. I’ve learned to embrace the imperfections captured and to not try to make every image “perfect.” I love trying new film in different camera’s to get different effects. To bad I don’t have enough room and money to have tons of different cameras/film to shoot. Luckily Old School Photo Lab is hosting a contest for analog ambassadors, to be able to shoot various films and blog about them, I would love the opportunity to do so. I would love to be able to show others, beautiful images are possible with film and to let go of the idea “I’ll just fix it in photoshop.” psst… Old School Photo Lab please choose me to be an ambassador.

I “adore” film!

Let YOUR light shine,


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