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This post is brought to you via the many recent blog posts I’ve read or looked at regarding using skin softening programs on their digital photos. Let me first say, I don’t care what other people do, it’s their style. What I was thinking was… why I don’t touch up skin (beyond the occasion pimple, slight baby acne, or lightening some wrinkles if needed). Yes, I will soften laugh lines here or there because shadows and the way a camera captures certain lines makes some lines look stronger than what the naked eye may see. What I don’t do is erase them completely.

Why don’t I use skin softening software? I guess I have always felt I wanted to preserve the natural look of a person, especially babies. Think back to when your own child was born…we image them as being perfect no matter what. We forget about the slight splotchy skin or milia which appear at the most unexpected times. It’s these things the same child will ask if they had “that” when they were a baby, as they hold their own newborn. It’s my goal to provide beautiful yet real images to my clients. The last thing I would every want is for some one to look at the image and say “Look how good the skin looks…it’s obviously touched up. Wonder what else is ‘touched up’ to make him/her look better?” I also wouldn’t want people to look back and see how perfect their skin looks, then get down because a. That’s not how they remember it, b. Look at themselves and think they’ve aged so much in a few years, C. Look at their own baby pictures when they have their own children in the future and not understand why their kids don’t have perfect newborn skin?

So, hopefully, when you look at images taken by me the thought isn’t “oh she needs to make the skin smoother or more soft.” Rather when my images are viewed I hope people say they love how real the moment is.

…funny how I had this written a few days ago and then tonight reminded of another reason why I don’t touch up skin a lot…

The self esteem act parents pushing to pass anti-photoshop laws in the US

We all have hear the media talk about the how Barbie is the reason many girls have body issues…I sort of think, the media photoshopping already beautiful woman is part of the problem. My part is to try not to be part of the problem, instead i want to show real people in a real way being beautiful just the way they are suppose to be.

Ps. In my head this is so sporadic…I have so many thoughts about this topic yet don’t want to seem like I’m cutting down people who do use skin softening software.

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