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If you’re like me, you probably live in a constant state of “what do I do next?” I consider myself fairly organized except when it comes to my creative ideas.  Thoughts flood my mind, yet washed away because I could never seem to keep those thoughts in check. Well, one afternoon while surfing Pinterest, I come across a board with day planners turned into journals and a spark was ignited.

For the past year and a half, I’ve kept all my old instant film which was imperfect. The images were either too blurry, over/under exposed, not shielded enough etc. I hated to throw them away, so they’ve sat on a shelf waiting to be recycled in some way.

Look at all of them! The 2 darker photos are PX70FF. I loved the eery feel of that film and wish the Impossible Project still made it.

After perusing the Pinterest board I decided to create an Instant Organizer. It’s something where I can write my photo idea’s, shoot those ideas, and then keep all the images in one place until the project is completed. The great thing is being it’s a day planner the portfolio is portable! Throw it in the camera bag and instantly know what shots you have and what is still needed. Can I say I’m a little excited over something so simple. 🙂

How to create:

1. Pulled out old day planner and recycled the pages not going to use. Keep any inserts with pockets etc to hold extras.

2. Collect, trim, and paste paper or paint sample to imperfect instant prints. Self adhesive photo dots work very well and make the taping go quickly. These will be the “cover page” so to speak of each idea you have.

3. On desired side of the film, use the page separator from the day planner to mark where the holes should be punched. Mark with pencil/pen. (I used an overexposed image, not an image with decorative paper added for this part.)

4. Using a hole punch, make openings to hold film into the day planner.

5. To hold the project images in the organizer, use a reusable double-sided tape. This particular product required cutting into smaller strips.

6. Apply desired amount of tape to film so you can then stick the images to as you shoot them.

7. Punch another hole in the film you placed the sticky tape to. Thread the ribbon through the hole and tie into a double knot or adhere tab of choice to film. This will help you flip to the correct project with ease.

8. Using the instant film with color paper attached, place as a “cover” page to the project tab. Label the page tab with project name.  Decorate as desired. Mine is simple but can be decorated as the projects progress.


The extra inserts pockets hold pre-cut tabs and extra double-sided tape if needed. Business card holders are perfect for the fujifilm insta mini film. At the front of the planner, I placed extra film to I can add pages if needed. make sure to keep a pen/pencil handy too.

Hopefully, you found this little project enjoyable. If you decide to make one of your own, let me know so I can take a look. Have fun planning!

Let YOUR light shine,


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