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Please keep in mind, the scans do not do some of the images justice, especially the Redscale film. Redscale film scanned much more grainier than the actual photo.

Over the past few weeks I’ve shown images taken on Impossible Project film of our trip to San Francisco, Greenfield Village, and what evers…today is all the film images I have taken during the same time.

When I opened a package this afternoon from Old School Photo Lab, who are absolutely wonderful, I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Shooting film you never know what is going to expose correct or not. I expected to see a whole lot of out of focus images, blown out highlights, under or overexposed, you name it I was expecting the worse. Once the first envelope was opened I just sat in my chair and smiled.

Looking at a lot of the images, you’d expect me to say I knew what I was doing, but honestly I didn’t. I did a lot of quiet prayers while shooting. Each film needs a certain amount of “attention.” Kind of like being a first time parent, you have the general knowledge on how to care for a newborn but each baby is different and it’s finding those little tricks to help sooth, feed, or change a diaper that takes time… experience. I didn’t know what tricks worked with each film, never mind I used two camera’s I’m still trying to figure out. Honestly though, I couldn’t be happier with the images.

Now that the images are in my hands, after looking at them several times….yes, I’m geeky like that… I feel like I can relax a little when it comes to shooting film. I need to remember to rely on my basic knowledge of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture then everything will be ok.

To meter a lot of the shots, using the Rolleiflex and 120 film, I used my iPhone and the free light meter app. If you don’t have the app and are looking to get a $300 handheld, go to the app store 1st. Once I meter the scene, I think about the settings the app provides and what are the cameras limitations. The Rolleiflex and Mamiya don’t have ISO setting that go very high, I know to compensate by changing the aperture accordingly etc. So if you are thinking about shooting film and don’t know or feel comfortable with manual settings on your dSLR learn them! Even shooting instant film, I have to think about all these things to get decent results.

Film is fun, I strongly encourage people to give it a try. The redscale images printed so well, I don’t think I could’ve even edited in Photoshop to get the same effect. In the end, film offers a gentle grain and tonal range that keeps me wanting to shoot more.

Let YOUR light shine,


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