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October, thus Halloween, is over. We have more candy than I know what to do. Trying to teach the girls too much sugar is bad is near impossible; R. stated “it taste so good.” Knowing how they don’t like to try new foods,  I grabbed a piece of candy and read the ingredient to them. They didn’t know what any of the ingredients were, for the most part neither did I. haha. I teach moderation and choices, though as a sugar addict I understand the desire to eat entire bags of the gooey, chewy, sweet stuff.

After the candy discussion, the girls headed off to the bus stop. Surely, the talk of the kids in school will be how much candy did you get?  Anyway, I stood in the garage with the cold frosty air touching my bare legs and thought, “this is the perfect November morning.” The sun is shining, frost covers the car windows, grass and roof tops. We are so blessed to experience the change of seasons. Sure just after Christmas, we’ll be wishing for the sun to shine again and warmer weather to blow our way for but today I’m going to enjoy the heat being on in the house, a hot cup of tea, and looking out the window seeing the steam rise from chimney tops.


Side note:

Thanksgiving is 25 days away, so I am going to post every day for a month the things I am thankful for. Feel free to join in and share what makes you thankful. If you post through follow me “kimunscripted” and tag your photos #thankful.

This morning I was thankful for the school buses which take the girls to school and being able to say goodbye in the mornings.


Let YOUR light shine,


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