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Coffee and Donuts

Is there anything better on the cold mornings we are having? I can remember as a child, Sunday mornings after Church friends coming over to visit my parents and having coffee and donuts. Still today many churches will offer coffee and donuts after the service. It was my favorite part about Sunday mornings, now my own kids get excited when their dad takes them for donuts after mass. It’s too tempting so we don’t go when I’m there. …..Yes, I’m the mean one in my home.

Coffee and donuts aren’t just after Church treats. Look around most cities or towns, the green logo coffee shop is everywhere! It seems many retired men and woman still go to the local donut/coffee shop to have their morning *shoot the shit* gathering. Friday when I went to the *donutmadefordunking* store, there were a few groups of people gathered, eating their donuts and sipping coffee. Not sure why but it makes me smile with slight joy to see.

There are so many memories baked into food. It’s why we have comfort foods. It’s probably why so many people here in the US are over weight. Our lives are busy, chaotic at times with little time to sit and relax. It’s like a fear if we stop doing what ever it is we are doing, we wouldn’t be able to start again so the best option is to keep going. We then fill our mouths with the foods we think make us feel better but it’s not the food at all, it’s the moment surrounding the food we want to savor. I don’t know about you but some of my best light bulb/funniest moments come from talking with other people about nothing. In a way, casual conversations is like doodling… it becomes an outlet for all the things our mind needs to purge so it can then be open to think about the important things in life.

So I say… even if you don’t eat donuts or dink coffee (like myself), get out and enjoy the conversation coffee and donuts can offer. 🙂

Let YOUR light shine,


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