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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, can you believe it? I remember when my girls where small and sleep was all we thought about, someone once said to me, “the days are long but the years are short.” How true is that statement. The beautiful image above is from a recent newborn session I did with the sweetest family. Baby C. reminded me so much of my oldest when she was born…awake unless held. 😉

As I sit here, I want to hold my girls wrapped in a blanket and cuddle with them for as long as I can. It’s different because now they talk, but when they are quiet, there is a certain peace and love which fills my heart like no other. Those quiet moments make me wonder about their future, causing both fear and jubilation. For example, this  morning while I was working out I had the TV tuned into “say yes to the dress.” Don’t ask me why, the brides drive me crazy. As I am watching the show, I hear the sales person state the price of the dresses, silently I start to panic.  How are we going to afford to pay for two weddings? $5000 for a dress. HOLY CRAP!! Yet at the same time, I can see Chris and I saying… “whatever you want, don’t worry about the cost.” The thoughts completely freaks me out.  Not to mention, over dinner tonight (the girls were each at a friend’s house) Chris and I were discussing potential “boyfriend” material for our girls. For Pete’s sake R. is only 8 yr. LOL!!! Guess it makes for good conversation and honestly,  it’s hard not to dream about the future. As parents, we only want to give your child the best.

So as Thursday approaches, I will be thankful for the little things in life: the times my girls do want to cuddle in with me in a blanket, conversations with my brother who is thinking about getting married, breakfast conversations with my two girls (I should recorded these for comedic relief), listening to H. play in the bathtub, watching R. read her favorite books, warm blankets to cover us at night, and food to fill our not so hungry bellies. Knowing so many people in the world lack many of the essentials it’s hard, for me anyway, to not feel guilty for having what I have in life. All the material things I can’t seem to stop buying make me feel guilty on a certain level, yet I know I can’t save the world. Maybe my biggest thanks will be my voice. A voice to teach my children about dreams, the world, and how being a good person is important. A voice to help spread the world on how to help those in need. My voice may not be loud but I am thankful I can still freely use it. Have a safe and wonderful week!

Let YOUR light shine,


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