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Not enough forks

Happy Thanksgiving. If you’re as full as I am, the only thing you can do is either sit in front of the TV or computer…periodically closing your eyes, wishing the stomachache would just go away.  People think you’re sleeping but it’s all an act to try and get out of to having to do the dishes. Yes, I thought about pulling a fast one… “um, I think I need to use the bathroom.” But as I sat at the table trying to figure out my exit strategy I knew I was screwed. I’m the mom, either the dishes would have been left for later OR my mother-in-law would have started cleaning up. She was our guest and would’ve felt guilty hiding in the bathroom. So after dinner I got up and started cleaning the dishes.

My hands feel so dry right from the dishes, I need two dishwashers just for the holidays. Growing up, my parents would say “why do we need a dishwasher, we have kids.” As I left for college, a dishwasher entered my parents life. Now we have a dishwasher, which was full and washing, but there are still the bigger items which need to be hand washed. I hate washing dishes, have I mentioned that? I also do not like emptying the dishwasher… I wait for the girls to do something wrong then say, ” I asked you not to do XYZ, go empty the dishwasher!” Win win for me.

While washing the dishes I was able to reflect on the day:

  • This morning I woke early to go to kickboxing. I’m so  happy I did it now because, well….yeah. Plus the fog was thick creating a blanket of calmness and beauty which always makes for a good start.
  • Double checked my lists. Over the past few days we have been slowly preparing for this one meal. 30 minutes of stuffing more than the turkey (which we didn’t do) took days to prepare, making sure there wouldn’t be any last minute trips to the grocery store was key to a “stress free” day.
  • Made homemade rolls and other last minute side dishes.
  • Our company arrived.
  • We ate. And ate. Sat for a few minutes, then ate some more.
  • Washed the dishes.
  • Writing blog post.

I can honestly say it was one of the nicest Thanksgivings we’ve had in a while. We were well prepared so in reality the stress level was very low. Until now…Chris is yelling at me saying he can’t handle the girls asking him to go shopping and why is there still turkey drippings sitting on the counter? (see why the bathroom escape wouldn’t have worked.) Ok, let me rephrase….It was one of the nicest Thanksgivings for me. 😉

Through all the “can we have dessert yet?” “When are we going to have pumpkin pie?” “Is it time for dessert?” there were two thoughts I kept going back to while I washed the dishes.

1. Butter. It makes everything that much better. I had a bunch on the counter, waiting, just in case more was need. There was butter in every dish. My favorite was the cilantro butter made specifically for corn on the cob. YUM! My father-in-law even asked jokingly, if I was Paula Dean and why was there so much butter sitting on the counter? In total for the entire meal I think 3 sticks of butter were used, including on the turkey. A lot but not as bad as it could have been. AND NO CANNED FOOD!

2. There is never enough forks or spoons.

For special occasions we pull out the china and nice silverware, which leaves the everyday utensils as extra’s. But without fail, when dessert is served we are always re-washing forks so everyone has something to eat their pie with. Forks and spoons are the socks of the kitchen, with out the smell. 😉 Thankfully, everyone become extremely resourceful when it comes time to dessert; The kids would use their hands if need be. (Half the time they do anyway.)


Now the kids are already eating leftovers and soon the frenzy to prepare for Christmas will be underway…No, I am not that much of a planner that I have my Christmas shopping completed already. Now starts the part of the year where I become bi-polar: happy it’s Christmas, sad I’m another year older, frustrated it’s Christmas, happy my birthday is soon approaching, depressed people are greedy, excited to see my girls open presents and the anticipation of the day etc etc etc…

Hopefully, where ever you are in the world you had a wonderful day and gave thanks to all around you. It doesn’t take much to live a life of gratitude. I am grateful for all the wonderful people I have in my life, real and “virtual”. (my virtual friends, though we may have not met, you really do make a difference in my life.)


ps. I am also very thankful to Anne at the Impossible Project for being so helpful with orders and sending me this wonderful film! It’s the new PX680 Gold frame. I love it more than I though I would. The colors and contrast are fabulous. Check out their site and all the wonderful goodies they have to offer. If you live in the Metro Detroit area and want to try the film but don’t have a camera, send me an email we can have a meet up so you can try your film with one of my cameras.




Let YOUR light shine,


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