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4/52[Cough Syrup]

For most people it’s easier to share thoughts on social networks or blogs than to sit down and have a face to face conversations with another person. It’s so much more private to write all the things we think, telling it all to a white screen, “no one reads this anyway, right.” Then we want to meet our virtual friends or talk to them on the phone and HOLY SHIT there’s a real person on the other end of that phone….TALK.ING!!!


What do I do?

Why am I so nervous?

Are they going to find my voice annoying? Will they think I’m as funny in “real life” because OMG, I’m going to be TALKING to a real person. EEK. The thought scares the crap out of me.

As I sit here and think, I can say I feel the strongest bond with my online friends who’ve I actually talked to on the phone, Skype or in person. Suddenly a whole new dimension is added to the person when you hear a voice or see their mannerisms. It all becomes another piece of the puzzle the brain uses to build a “real image” in our minds of who someone is. Even friends who I haven’t seen in 20+ years, when I read their FB status or blogs, I feel like I can picture them more clearly in their words. I enjoy getting to know all my virtual friends (and those of you I see in person) through blogs and social networks but I also would love to meet you in person someday.

The crazy thing about a meetup is, I’m an introvert. *gasp* I can hear some people who know me saying, “WTH, no you aren’t!” I can talk about almost any topic but I have a hard time starting a conversation. Reaching out to START talking to someone new is hard for me, I over analyze what I want to say, how I’m going to say it and what to do if there is an awkward silence. There have been times I’ve been called a snob or stuck up when really I’m not at all, I just have hard times in large groups of people. The thought of going to parties stresses me out, even if I enjoy the people attending, it’s all overwhelming to me. Small social gatherings are so much more pleasant for me. When I do have to attend a function with large amounts of people I have to put my game face on, I fake it until I make it. Really, I do.

Why do I share this with you? I know many people are the same way…they have a hard time reaching out but know you’re not alone. Feel free to send an email or start a conversation on twitter or FB. Heck you can even call me if you feel like it, I won’t bite… if you’re lucky you’ll hear me telling me kids to quiet down. Always the professional. Someday, I hope to meet everyone in person.


Inspiration song: Cough Syrup by Young the Giant

ps. Feels like I’ve had a cough forever. It all started last September, then just as it was going away after Christmas I get another cold! UGH! Be happy you are sitting on that side of the screen, not that I’m contagious…it’s just a dry irritating cough.


Let YOUR light shine,


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