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Last month Anne, from the Impossible Project, emailed and asked if the girls would be interested in writing a story about a Turtle and a Whale to help announce two camera’s they were selling. I asked the girls and they were excited to write a story!! Pictures were drawn and story’s written, the only help was with spelling and some punctuation. The story’s were faxed and the anticipation began. H. came home from school every day and asked, “Did we win?” 🙂 She couldn’t wait to find out if she was going to get her own Polaroid. Then one day a package arrived….

What could it be? from Kim Unscripted

I’ll admit, I tried my best not to laugh at H. opening the package. R. doesn’t show her excited like mini me does, but I know she was super excited to get her own Polaroid camera. Here are the first few images they took themselves (after getting a mini lesson on how to load and use the film.)



Do you want to learn how to take pictures using a vintage camera? What’s more fun than watching your image develop before your eyes, it’s like Christmas with every click!! If you have an old Polaroid sitting in your house, been wanting to learn how to use instant film this is for you, or simply just want to to try something new this year:

This Spring I plan on holding an Instant Film Workshop for kids ( 5 yr older) with parents who want to explore learning about using the new Impossible film and the joy of taking pictures. The workshop will only last 2-2.5 hrs and will be outside. The cost is $50/family to cover 2 packs of film for each family. Space is limited due to cameras, which I will provide to use during the session. You will walk away from the workshop with your pictures in hand, and hopefully a new hobby you and your child will enjoy for may years to come. If interested send me an email, via the contact form on the right,  with thoughts/questions. I will post an official announcement post in a few weeks.

Let YOUR light shine,


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  • Beto - January 27, 2012 - 7:54 am

    That was very nice from The Impossible Project 😀
    Also is great how child interest of the greatness of Instant Film, I tougth that any cihld of the recents generations would prefer a tablet or iphone or similiar, but when you see the :O->:D you know they really loved their cameras.

    Your Workshop idea is simply great, I never saw a fotography workshop that includes parents and childs.

    Best of the wishes 😀ReplyCancel

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