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For the past few months I’ve been showing off my questionable film shots and while I have three four rolls of film waiting to be mailed off to Old School Photo Lab, I decided to write a post about what happens before the shot it. Well guess what, that thought lasted until I started writing it. Yes, I took a bunch of photos of my camera’s to discuss my film process then my mind went blank.




Blogging is like looking down into the viewfinder of the camera. There are days when the creative thoughts flow free then there are days when it’s a blank canvas. I give a lot of credit to those who blog so well because it’s a job in itself; at least the blogs which make you want to keep on reading. For myself, I enjoy reading the blog post with honesty written all over them. You know the post where you think “OMG, I can’t believe they have enough confidence to write this!” Then you laugh and feel like you aren’t alone in the world… there are other people who think and feel the same as you! *HALLELUJAH* I love those blogs.

When R. was first born I used to read a blog almost daily, the name escapes me now but I laughed and wanted to cry at her posts. Today,  Ryan Marshall is one of  my favorite bloggers and makes me want to blog. His posts are open and honest and  refreshing to read the ups and downs of his life. (not to mention he is a fabulous photographer/videographer.) Check out his blog if you haven’t already the link to the Panic Room is on the side bar.

I know this is technically my “business” blog, but I find I want to explore less business related topics and more life moments. In many ways that is my business, right? Families hire me because they want photos of their life. Some families want only the happy moments, others want whatever happens. Unscripted moments is about capturing all the moments which come our way, so I figure why not blog about the unscripted moments in my life.  I want to write about my eclectic life so that maybe you will be inspired in your own way and hopefully do something to inspire someone else. Let’s hope,  I won’t have to many brain farts like this post though. 🙂


ps. I ate a cookie I did not plan on eating while writing this…. The hazards of blogging. 🙂




Let YOUR light shine,


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