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18/52 [we weren’t born to follow]

This morning, there was a one-sided conversation had with my eldest daughter about what she was going to wear to school. She participates in an after school activity a few days a week and before it started she repeatedly told us she needed to have specific shoes/clothes for the activity. Understanding the want to be like those in the group, out we went and got her items to help her feel like she belonged. Well, for the past couple of weeks I’ve reminded her to dress/pack clothes for the after school activity, only to find here wearing what she wore to school that day! Then this morning, she came into my room and asked if what she was wearing was ok….

*a moment of silence is needed*

…At this point I’m sure most parents can imagine the level of frustration of having to repeat themselves. I took one look at her and then started my rant on how she better have the clothes we bought for her packed along with the school today because she needed them to participate. How when we tried to tell her she didn’t need what she wanted, she would just end up wearing what she already had…but NO she needed those things to fit in.

Who knows what she’ll be wearing when I pick her up, and part of me doesn’t care. I get more frustrated when the girls are more concerned with blending in than following their own path. Sure they are young and insecure in this great big world, maybe at some point they’ll over come the want to fit in, maybe they won’t. Everyday there are people too afraid to speak up for what they believe in because of what others may think. People are afraid of not being liked, or depending on the circumstance,  following along because they want to be liked. All I want to teach my girls is to believe in themselves and follow their own path.

I would never consider myself a rebel, by any means, but I don’t remember being the kind of person who followed just because I wanted to be liked. Many might say I’m an instigator or call me intimidating because I do speak my mind. If I have opinion about something I state it, if not I stay quiet. It doesn’t mean I think my way is the right way for everyone, but I’ve learned to not be afraid to walk my path. This doesn’t mean I consider myself a leader, because honestly I feel alone most of the time, but my path is my path. We all walk together, drifting apart, crossing paths, and sometimes we follow the same path but it should be the path we made, not one from the footstep of someone else. In the end we all end up in the same place so color your world how every you choose.



Inspiration song: Bon Jovi -We weren’t born to follow


Let YOUR light shine,


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