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19/52 [how do YOU measure up]

I’ve thought a lot about the theory “you get out of [it] what you put into [it]” this past week.  Every where we turn we are judged, told, encouraged, etc to put more effort into our jobs, families, friendships, and workouts. You name [it] and we’re told to keep plugging away; we’ll see results. In a job, we are held accountable for results by those higher up the career ladder. People spend hours in meets and making graphs to determine if the results are positive or negative. There’s a whole team of people ready to tackle the negative if needed and celebrate the positive when it occurs.

As parents, we spend so much time teaching our children to do the right thing so later in life we hope the result is positive. When one (or all) of our children exhibits negative behavior, most parents, are there to correct the behavior resulting in hopefully, but not always, a more positive outcome. As a parent we not only have to think about the short-term goals of a family, but the long-term goals. So many of my friends talk about “when Casper or Lula” (how many Mary or Bob’s do you know anymore that are under the age of 15? 😉 ) go to high school or college. I know we started saving for our girl’s college education the day they were born. Long term goals.

Where am I going with this?

I was thinking, with everything and everyone being so busy doing for others, how often do we find time to spend on checks and balances for ourselves. Not talking about, how many errands was I able to accomplish this week, rather “where am I in the grand scheme of life.” How do I measure up to my goals? Do I even have any goals set? Oh gosh, I don’t have any time to think about goals… I need to do, do, do and go, go, go or I’m going to fall asleep on my computer!! If we don’t address and evaluate ourselves at some point we go ‘bankrupt”. There isn’t any extra anything to give anyone else and we feel burnt out. I see this in my family, friends, and my self all the time.

Most people can remember being told to make 5 and 10 year plans in high school. 🙂 How many people ever thought about them after graduation? I don’t think I thought about it ever again…until now, 21 yrs later. OMG!!! It’s been 21 yrs since I graduated high school…OH lord I’m just realizing the time as I type. Funny thing how fast time goes by when we get caught up in being busy, we forget. We forget to evaluate where we’ve been, what’s been working to result in positive things in our life, and what hasn’t worked. In not taking the time to reflect, we tend to keep those negative things around without even realizing it. The older (and more wise) I become, I realize how important it is to let go of negative energy in my life and search out the positive. I want people in my life who make me laugh and help support my goals in life. I want to be the friend/family who does the same for those around me. For me life isn’t about how much money is in the bank (though it is nice), or the brand of car in my driveway (I like heated seats and gas/brake pedal which adjust…along with satellite radio), my goal is to know I followed my heart, made my family feel loved, and be a good friend…that I helped them be who they want to be.


Let YOUR light shine,


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