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27.28.29/52 [Lazy Song]

Last night, I went to bed knowing I didn’t have to get up this morning for any particular reason. There were no errands which needed to be done, no workshops to shuttle the kids off to until noon, and it was my rest day for working out. Sure as the sun rises, so did I. At first, I got out of bed contemplated biking, I was up early why not bike, maybe I could get some emails sent or start laundry then I decided “NO, It’s raining I’m going to lay in bed, watch TV, and enjoy the raining morning.”

In the end I wasn’t really watching TV, I was taking this weeks self-portrait while the TV was on. The girls were sleeping still so spending these quiet moments taking self portraits was still relaxing. Ever summer I have this dream life’s going to be easier with the girls out of school, yet I find I spend more time running from place to place to sit and wait for doctor appointments, TKD practice, or taking the girls to the pool. I’m not complaining, but it’s hard to let the creative thoughts flow when there is always noise around me. I cherished the time spent this morning in the quietness of my own thoughts. It allowed me to think and imagine. I may have even got a jump-start on next weeks image. 🙂

Here are the past two weeks I missed posting images.

week 28: Not sure why I didn’t do a blog post last week.

week 27: Taken while on vacation to the lake house. I was so hot and humid lying around was about all we could do. 🙂 Used my Polaroid converted 110a with Fuji 3000b film.

Let YOUR light shine,


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