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44-45/52 [beautiful to me]

There are weeks when I take a photo uninspired by anything except light and a desire to use a camera, this week is was much of the same. Although, when I started to look for a song to fit the image Haley Dreis Beautiful to Me jumped out as the perfect song to go with the image.

Beautiful To Me

Golden eyes light the skies

twinkling on the emptiness inside
her mind. She lives her life
thinking she’s not good enough
to be the perfect girl in her life.

And she finds another reason to cry
as she dries her weary eyes
I want to give her time
to know that it’s alright in asking…

Who is that girl hiding from the world?
Looking through the glass and I can
see that she would die to be set free.
Well I will be here to tell you,
“Darling, you are beautiful to me.”

Pretty girl, don’t you cry.
Close the books and magazines, close your eyes.
Take a look deep within,
Appreciate the gift you have been given.


Worthless places, fearful faces
Broken glass, it cuts, erases
Looking at the mirror
She will see an image and be happy

End Chorus:
She is that girl facing the world
Looking through the glass and she can
see that she would die to be set free
Well I will be here to tell you,
“Darling you are beautiful to me.”
And baby, can’t you see?


Here is my SP from week 43… Oh so attractive. 😉 Again mostly playing with the camera, film, and my engineering ability to use gaffer tape to adhere a bulb cable release to the lens. Several attempts at trying to trip the shutter and this is what I get.

Let YOUR light shine,


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