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New Ideas

Our inspirations/ideas can start as separate, yet functional, identities. It’s not always about reinventing something new but taking what we have and creating something new.



and stitching together:

The same machine can inspire something different in each of us.

The end of another year is quickly coming to an end, what are some of the things which have inspired you over the past year and what do you look forward to in the new year? I look forward to brainstorming with some friends on new ideas/adventures they want to pursue in the new year. It’s hard for my to get my own wheels moving because my mind will not create little pockets of information. There are piles of thoughts roaming freely in my brain and it needs some one else to help sort it out. Brainstorming with friends is fun because you can spit out ideas and get feedback instantly. Maybe something sparks an idea in their mind, which isn’t even close to where your thoughts were heading, and a new idea is formed; something better than imaged. Grab a friend and start brainstorming new ideas from what is already around you.

Let YOUR light shine,


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