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I love her to pieces

She turned 10 years old last week. Here are 10 things I love about her:

1. She’s a compassionate soul.

2. She laughs until she cries, at her own jokes.

3. She teaches herself new songs on the guitar by ear.

4. She loves to read.

5. Here eye’s sparkle.

6. She accepts herself.

7. She is a good friend.

8. She loves to travel.

9. She’s driven to do well in school and all she does, yet accepts “failures” as what doesn’t work.

10. She journals/writes everything she does or think on notes. Sometimes the notes are left around the house where I find them. They make me smile.

She is such a great kid. I tell her I am constantly learning how to be a better person because she is in my life. Yes we argue, she’s still a kid and I a parent, but she teaches me to not be afraid of going out side the comfort zone, to use words appropriately, and believe in yourself. As most kids are to a parent, she is hope the World will be a better place.

Let YOUR light shine,


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