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While laying in bed a few weeks ago, thinking about the start of a new school year and how fast my girls have grown. Like a diagram of a circle as the main thought and various off shoots of ideas, my mind started trying to think of all the things in life I want them to remember about their childhood. One thing I constantly reenforce is how special it is to have a sister. Sure my girls argue over petty things, but I know they are each others security blanket. When Chris and I aren’t around they watch out for each other and find comfort in the other.

As I was lost in my thoughts that night, I knew I wanted to capture the raw and innocent bonds siblings form. It doesn’t matter where these two go in life, whether they continue to get along or become best friends in adulthood, they will always have a sister who will understand the crazy things their mom put them through.


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  • Celina Innocent - September 10, 2013 - 2:37 pm

    Beautiful photos and beautiful girls. What a great keepsake they will always have of those moments.ReplyCancel

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