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Christ is Born!

Christ is born

“But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people;”

Luke 2:10

A few weeks ago, the girls and I were discussing opening gifts up before Christmas morning. We talked about Advent being a time of preparation and waiting. How waiting until Christmas morning to open gifts fills us with a sense of excitement and wonder. I tried to explain how, for me, opening gifts before Christmas morning lessens the excitement because that initial excitement of what gift am I going to get, seeing the tree with gifts, or hearing the tearing of paper has already been done. The anticipation has decreased even if ever so slightly. Not everyone agrees, I get that. Some people travel or multiple family gathers, our family does it too. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends all want to see you open the gift they gave. We questioned, is it rude to say, “Thank you, I’m going to wait to open until Christmas morning” ?

As I was losing the battle of when to open gifts with the girls, and Chris, I asked them “If you were invited to a ball by a King… would you show up to the party and not once think about who invited you? Would you eat, drink, be merry, and expect a parting gift without thought to why you received it? Or would the invitation to the ball simply be enough?” Most people i know would be overjoyed and honored to receive such an invitation. As a woman I can tell you, preparation would begin immediately! There would be refrigerators filled only with leafy greens and veggies to lose a few pounds, money spent on making sure we wore the perfect outfit, appointments made for hair, makeup, and nails to be made oh so perfect. All the money spent, preparation, and waiting would be a privilege and joy. I invite you to take a moment and think of what it would really be like to receive an invitation and get ready for such an event. Now… Think of about how we would immediately bow if royalty walked in front of us!

Christ the King is born on Christmas day, LET US REJOICE! It may have happened over 2015 year ago, but when we celebrate Christmas we celebrate our King today. A king who was born to serve and die for us. In the image above, a crown is handed over, from one person to another. We give Christ his Glory in being our King and savior, while he hands us a crown of being a prince or princess. We are all children of God, Christ came to reveal this to us, but do we understand what it cost Him? Thousands of year were spent in preparation for Jesus’ birth. He presented us with gifts of humility and love. How much did His gifts to us cost Him? His life.

I pray today, as we watch our kids, nieces, nephews, even some adults be filled with excitement for Santa we be reminded of the joy in preparation. May we let the excitement of unwrapping gifts fill us with the gift Christ brought to us, that of being a son or daughter of God.  May we all rejoice in Jesus, Mary, Joseph for their triumphant “YES!” to God’s will for them. To the all shepherds who sing the praise of our new born king. May we prepare for Christ today, and everyday, because each day we are invited to the greatest and grandest ball ever, eternal LIFE.

P.S. Haley (aka. Carrots for Michaelmas) wrote a lovely blog post on the birth of Christ, worth checking out.

Let YOUR light shine,


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