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“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5


For the longest time I could not grasp how our artistic views using a chosen method were relevant. How can the world be filled with art works which seemed not to have a purpose other than a way for the artist to express some sort of emotion. Then it hit me and a connection was made.

whbakesjan201601 whbakesjan201602 whbakesjan201603Long before we pick up a spatula, pen, paint brush, camera etc, we created an idea in our minds. Some where in our minds is an art piece waiting to be formed. Slowly, each movement adds to the formation of an end product. Sometimes we have to step away from the art piece to be able to return to it with fresh eyes. Each stroke, knead, or click adds helps us to form a final piece which is loved. The piece may not be perfect in most cases but the artist is able to find beauty in the imperfections. whbakesjan201604 whbakesjan201605 whbakesjan201606 whbakesjan201607

Each of us is a work of art created by God. Our entire life is a series of small strokes, molds, decorating, forming to shape the person who we are meant to be. As every artist knows there are times when we have to wait for the right conditions to get the results we hope to see, art can’t be rushed. “Mistakes” are made, but are they really mistakes? Our greatest “mistakes” can be our biggest successes. Maybe the piece falls apart midway through the process, frustration sets in. Start again, this time with a better understanding of what went right, and what not to do. Every new movement being tweaked and carefully implemented until completion.

whbakesjan201608 whbakesjan201610 whbakesjan201611

Then there is those who do not get our art work. This is what makes art so great and interesting. Just because someone else doesn’t like what you’ve created doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s simply not for that person. Artists love selling their product to people who appreciate art work for its uniqueness. We must find those people. Would we have asked Picasso to change how he drew because we wanted a Monet? NEVER! Each of us was created with something unique to offer the world, celebrate that gift and don’t be afraid to share it.

whbakesjan201613 whbakesjan201614 whbakesjan201615executing

The photos are of H. who asked to bake her own cake. She helped inspire this post, because before she asked about the cake I knew she had visualized what she wanted the result to look like. She made a list of all the ingredients needed, including fondant and strawberry cake (i prefer chocolate but this was about what H wanted to create), and simply needed help with reassurance she was executing the baking instructions correctly. She did an awesome job! My, and R’s, favorite part was in the sharing of her creation.

For those of you who feel like you aren’t artistic, that is OK. You have a gift to share. Maybe you are a wonderful baker, cook, teacher, listener, musician, the gifts are endless!! Take time in the next few weeks and think what makes you happy and energized, more than likely it’s part of your gift. Nurture that gift and figure out how to share it with those around you. As you share more and more of your gifts, take time to notice how your life changes. Enjoy the process of using the gift, knowing you were created to share that gift.

Let YOUR light shine,


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