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Deep as a Ocean

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Happy Monday! For this new year, I decided I am going to “remodel” this blog. It’s sat for a few years and is dusty. A few ideas are running through my head of what I would like to start and feature, all in the planning phase of course. To be able to carry out those ideas reorganization needs to happen. The past week, I’ve looked at others blogs to help form some ideas of what I like and do not like. There are so many great sites out there, some really eye-catching make you feel happy blogs, others bring a sense of peace and calm. Then there is mine. As I sit and start playing with adding lots of color to make this site more upbeat and fun, it doesn’t feel right to me. So the site has sat relatively unchanged for a week, except for a few goofs while upgrading the back-end.

What do I want this site to say about me, from a glance. Those we meet tend to have a different perspective of who we are than we do ourselves. When I am told what others think of me my first thought is, “really?” So who am I? I am a deep philosophical thinker. Unlike an engineer who tries to improve a product, I question our very existence and what is the purpose of why we were born. I ask and could discuss for hours questions like where do my thoughts come from if we are made up of hormones, tissue, and electrical synapses. A few months ago I had a dream, where it felt like I was floating in space: An endless realm of dark space filled with stars and planets. It was really beautiful as I can vividly image the dream right now. With every thought, i could feel and see an illuminated flow of energy being pulled from the back of my head into space and toward the sun. It was like a vortex, with an exchange of ideas coming into me and leaving me. How else could my brain contain all the thoughts/emotions/sensory stimuli within the space between my ears? 🙂

Then as we drove to my parents for Christmas, I was reminded how we are all like oceans, or a great lake in this case, deep. The surface changes depending on the season and weather. Some days it’s crystal clear and calm, other times it’s rough with a lot of ups and downs. Underneath it all, though, is a who world most do not see. It’s deep, dark, and cold but in those depths lives life so vital to the entire ecosystem that if it weren’t the way it is the entire world changes. Just because the surface if calm doesn’t me the riptide isn’t strong and vice versa. Each of us has a depth to our soul most do not even realize. Our surface may be one way but underneath it all is a whole new world waiting to be found…like space.

So as I contemplate the two images and thoughts I realize I am not a bright colorful “look at me” woman. You’re likely to find me in a quiet room with an earthy feel and warm cup of coffee or tea in my hands with headphones on listening to Linkin Park. The calm and turbulent sides of me. I can feel terrible alone in a room full of people, yet completely at peace when I am alone. Quality over quantity is how I choose friends, and knowing my friends and loved ones are those who can offer me nothing I can not do for myself. They like to waste time with me as much as I do with them. Life if not a competition and we rejoice in each others successes and work together to overcome the failures. Now that this has been established I have a direction for this site. If for some reason you check in and it seems in chaos, know I am making changes and hopefully it will be back online soon.


Now for the ideas of what this blog will contain:

  1. My eldest daughter is finally starting to take an interest in photography. I would like to set up either a separate page or do special features of her works. To be able to experience the world anew through her eyes is exciting.
  2. A continual prayer list. With the passing of David Bowie, seeing all the FB status posts about him from his fans makes me want to pray for those who are sick or passed from this world without anyone. David Bowie was able to share his gifts with the world in a larger than life way, but each of us shares our gifts in another. No small gift should go unnoticed. So if you would like to join me in praying for those who are alone a list of people can be found/added and prayed for.
  3. Last week on the radio I heard a comment, I forget who said it, but it was “if you can’t love God, learn to love people and the world again.” My hope is to share more people on this blog so their story can be heard.

Those are a few thoughts, we see how it all plays out in the next year. 🙂

Let YOUR light shine,


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